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Darr Lim
Darr Lim. 18. F. Residing in the Philippines. Iskolar ng Bayan. Born 1993.
Self-claimed Corny. if eating were a crime, I'd gladly throw myself to jail. I used to hate reading but now I cant spend a day or week without flipping a book. I used to live without watching movies but then I found myself visiting piratebay and rotten tomaties ever so often. I treat jokes as if they were little gifts from God to make life happier, but when I crack one it sends me death threats hahaha. I'm annoyed by over reactions on what people would like to call love. I'm annoyed by people exaggerating on their being hopeless romantic. Even though I've written this on almost all of my elementary and high school, Christian living papers, I love God, as cliche as it sounds. I treat my family and friends as my greatest treasures, reason why I put them over money, which leads to how broke I always am haha. If lethargy were a king, I'd be a slave reason why my grades havent been that high ever since 5th grade. On top of all that, I have a problem with consistency. But dont worry, I'm working on it. :)